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Our History

At the invitation of Ralph Slavens, a Springfield businessman, a group of people interested in forming a civic improvement club on the north side of Springfield met at the First City Bank (now UMB Bank) at 2300 N. Glenstone on Thursday, April 30, 1970. At the meeting, the name “North Side Betterment Association” was chosen for the club and officers were elected. Read more 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to promote and encourage worthwhile and honorable endeavors, which make north Springfield a better place to work and live. Our intent is to be alert, well versed, and knowledgeable to our community’s needs in order to take constructive action for community involvement.

How We Do This: Education, Community & Outreach

Monthly Programs

Every month, an informative program is presented to our membership. From civic issues that impact us all, to emerging trends in business and commerce, our programs are informative, relevant, and timely. We also have fun and highlight local groups from time to time, and will even play a game or two. Join us for lunch, networking, and learn something over the noon hour--it will make your day better for sure!

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School Partner Engagement/Attendance Program

For over 20 years, NSBA has been at the forefront in our community encouraging students to achieve 99% or better attendance at school. Our work encompasses the 13 north Springfield elementary schools, and is only possible due to the generous support of private donations, community fundraisers, and our NSBA corporate members. NSBA works with Springfield Public Schools to recognize and promote consistent and regular student attendance and student recognition.

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Community Betterment Awards

Every month, NSBA recognizes the efforts of community members, organizations, and businesses in the improvement of the appearance of the North Springfield community. NSBA awards community members with the Residential Betterment Award for the improvement of residential property in the community. The Commercial Betterment Award is given to businesses and organizations that improve North Springfield by improving a commercial property or introducing a new business to the area. NSBA also places focus on recognizing northside non-profits and the mission they work hard for each and every day.

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Scholarship Funds

NSBA awards two scholarships: the Ann Reed Memorial Scholarship and the E. Wade Williams Scholarship, to selected graduating seniors of Hillcrest High School and Central High School.

Glenstone Islands Project

NSBA works to keep the northside looking its best in our own fun way! The organization maintains two MO DOT medians at Glenstone & Kearney. During spring, summer, and fall, volunteers organize and secure materials for island improvement. The next time you are at this busy intersection, look for our signs. If you see our volunteers working, honk! They love the attention.

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Annual Civic Contributor Award

Each year, NSBA awards an individual who has made an outstanding, positive impact in our community with the Civic Contributor Award. Various awards are also given annually by the board of directors to recognize other significant contributors who have made an impact.

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The Northsider

Each month, NSBA publishes its community newsletter, The Northsider, to highlight all activities, issues and topics related to the North Springfield Betterment Association. Submit information for publication consideration to

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Social Media

NSBA is dedicated to providing community members with the most up-to-date information on North Springfield. Our Public Communications & Awareness Committee works diligently to update the NSBA blog, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to maximize its reach to all community members. Stay up-to-date with NSBA by liking us on Facebook, connecting with us on LinkedIn, and following our blog.


The North Springfield Betterment Foundation (NSBF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and is separate from our Associa­tion. The Foundation was incorporated in mid-2003 in order to better facilitate charitable contributions to our education and scholarship programs.

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Founded by: John Cooper, John Q. Hammons, and Ralph Slavens

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